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Nasal Airway Remodeling with VIVAER®

What is Nasal Airway Obstruction (NAO) and What Can I do About It?

The nasal airways are the narrow passageways that lead from your nose to your lungs. They’re made up of two tubes, one on each side of your face: the inferior turbinates, which sit in front of your nostrils, and the superior turbinate, which sits behind them. They are one of the three parts that make up the nasal valve which also consists of the septum (the center of the nose) and the lateral walls (the side tissues that form the outer wall of the nose).

When any of these parts enlarges, you may experience a lower, rather unpleasant airflow which itself could lead to major health issues down the line if left untreated.

You Can Try Traditional, At-Home Treatments

Doctors and patients have traditionally relied on temporary remedies such as medications, breathing strips, or invasive surgery techniques which required an uncomfortable and extended recovery.

VIVAER® is the Better Solution

With VIVAER, you can start breathing better in practically no time. It works by gently removing obstructions in the nasal valve using its patented technology. This allows for more oxygen to flow into your body while also reducing pressure on your sinuses. You will feel immediate relief after just one treatment!

Convenient and Straightforward

  • This procedure is performed in the comfort of an office setting.
  • The start to finish time is normally less than 15 minutes.
  • Its fast recovery time will allow you to get back to your everyday activities right away.


  • There is no cutting, incision, or skin piercing involved whatsoever.
  • Your nasal tissue will be left intact, and nothing will be destroyed or removed.
  • There is nothing implanted that will alter the exterior appearance of your nose.
  • It relies on the use of low-power radiofrequency to gently reshape the nasal airway.

I am ready to breathe more freely.

To learn more about VIVAER®, check out this video:

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