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If you are a chronic or recurring sinus sufferer, there is a minimally invasive solution for treating your chronic sinus problems.

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What are your ENT Needs?

Illinois Sinus Center is proud to serve our community with a variety of treatments. Whether you are suffering from sinus and allergy problems or are kicking your spouse out of bed with chronic snoring, Illinois Sinus Center can help you find relief.

Our Services include:

Woman suffering from sinus pressure


Are you constantly sneezing, having trouble breathing through your nose, and always have a sinus headache? Millions of Americans continue to let chronic allergy and sinus symptoms ruin their work performance, quality of sleep, family events, and much more. Sinus infection symptoms can be miserable and debilitating for its sufferers. Minimally invasive relief is possible at Illinois Sinus Center with our Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure.
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Outdoor allergy problems


Symptoms of seasonal allergies shouldn’t mean being miserable for months on end. When allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing, rashes, and more take over, it's time to find real allergy relief. Illinois Sinus Center ENT can help you discover what types of allergies you may have, what is causing your seasonal allergies, and most importantly finally get answers. Relief may be a lot easier than you think!
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Hearing & Audiology services


Do you find that you have to ask others to repeat themselves? Are you unable to hear the doorbell anymore? It may be time to test your hearing. Illinois Sinus Center can help determine the cause and severity of your hearing loss at our hearing center. Stop missing out on life’s special moments.
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Sleep & Snoring Treatment


Do others constantly complain about your snoring? Is it causing relationship problems and a lack of energy during the day? Snoring doesn’t have to stay, and it may be caused by a much more serious condition: sleep apnea.
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Why trust in Illinois Sinus Center?

Our team of well qualified doctors will provide you with a complete care experience. Dr. Deitch, Dr. Musgrave, and our audiologist, Steven Wieska, have spent their lives helping patients just like you find sinus and allergy relief. They understand the impact that the right ENT can have on a sufferer, and are proud to have impacted so many patients' lives.

Don’t wait any longer, we are proud to serve our community with the best level of sinus, allergy, hearing, sleep, and snoring care possible!

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How Bad Are Your Sinuses?

You've suffered for years from recurring sinus infections. The stuffy nose, bad breath, congestion, pain, and pressure simply don't seem to go away. You're out of options for relief on your own. Time for a change!

Evaluate your symptoms to find out if you're a candidate for a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, which greatly reduces the suffering experienced by chronic sinusitis patients.

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Patient Reviews

5-star Patient Review

I would highly recommend this office, especially Dr. Deitch. I (as sad as it sounds) have been to quite a few doctors for various issues, but must say Dr. Deitch was one of the best. He was honest, explained what he was looking for, and was extremely thorough! He made me feel so comfortable, despite how nervous I was.

- Kerri Largo

One of the best Dr's office I have gone to. The staff is always pleasant, my appointment is always on time, facility is clean. I never feel rushed by Dr Deitch or his staff, he is very thorough and makes sure that if I have any questions or concerns that he addresses them.

- Kathy Fanella

Amazing staff. The doctor actually takes his time and explains procedures to you. Highly recommend Dr. Musgrave and his friendly staff.

- Tom Seretis

Dr. Musgrave is great! He's so smart, gentle, and always takes time to explain everything. He answers all questions thoroughly. I'd recommend him to anyone!

- Renee Walsh

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