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Ear Surgery

No one wants to have surgery, but sometimes it’s unavoidable, and it’s helpful to know what kinds of surgeries there are and why you may need surgery beforehand. In addition, if you suffer from ear pain, stuffiness, or any other type of symptoms, Illinois Sinus Center can diagnose and treat your issue.

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Why might I need ear surgery?

Several conditions can lead to a need for ear surgery when left untreated. Some of these include:

Conductive hearing loss: Conductive hearing loss is a mechanical form of hearing loss in which sound waves can’t easily pass through the outer and middle ear to the inner ear. Conductive hearing loss can be caused by an object in the ear, outer ear infection, trauma, ear abnormality, middle ear infection, fluid in the ear, and otosclerosis.

Ear infections: Middle ear infections are painful and can worsen when left untreated. When left untreated long enough, they can cause other issues that may require surgery.

Eustachian tube dysfunction: Eustachian tube dysfunction can be a common issue in children because the size and shape of the tubes make them more susceptible to recurring ear infections. Eustachian tube dysfunction is usually treated with ear tube surgery.

Mastoiditis: When ear infections are left untreated, they can lead to a condition of the mastoid bone known as mastoiditis. When not treated quickly, mastoiditis can destroy bone and potentially spread. Sometimes mastoiditis needs to be removed using a surgery called a mastoidectomy.

Eardrum perforation: A tympanic membrane perforation or eardrum perforation is a hole in the eardrum that usually heals on its own but sometimes needs surgery.  

Types of ear surgeries.

Different types of ear surgeries are used to treat various conditions. Some of the ear surgeries we perform at Illinois Sinus Center include:

Mastoidectomy: A mastoidectomy is used to treat mastoiditis when medication has been unsuccessful. During the surgery, the infected flat air cavities in the mastoid bone are removed.

Myringoplasty: A myringoplasty is used to fix a hole in the eardrum and may be needed if a tympanic membrane perforation won’t heal independently.

Tympanoplasty: A tympanoplasty is similar to a myringoplasty in that it is used to fix a hole in the eardrum. However, the rectifying of any bone injuries in the ear also takes place during a tympanoplasty.

Ossiculoplasty: An ossiculoplasty is used to reconstruct the bones in the middle ear known as the ossicular chain. These bones are what transmit the sound from the eardrum to the middle ear.

Ear tube surgery: Ear tubes are a common way that surgeons correct recurring ear infections in children. A small tube is placed in the eardrum so that fluid can dry or drain rather than becoming infected. The tubes usually fall out on their own, but they may need to be removed by a doctor in some cases.

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We can handle any painful ear symptoms and conditions at Illinois Sinus Center.

If you’re suffering from painful ear symptoms and want relief, schedule with Illinois Sinus Center today. We have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and treat most conditions of the ear. 

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